About me

I had a passion for languages since a very early age and I did not hesitate when choosing my university studies. I graduated in Translation and Interpreting from the Autonomous University of Barcelona in 2006 and completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Translation from this same university in 2007.

Already in September 2006, I started my professional career as an in-house translator in a translation agency in Barcelona. I acquired a very valuable experience during the three years I worked there and went deep into the field of legal translation, with around 70% of the documents translated belonging to that area. After this, I devoted the following 4 years to language teaching – my second professional path. I taught Spanish in Scotland and English and French in Spain, while never leaving translation completely aside since I worked as a part-time freelancer.

In 2013, my big opportunity arrived and I moved to Brussels to work as a trainee in the Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission. Working as a translator for the European institutions had been since university my dearest professional ambition. For this reason, I made the most of this experience and my production and quality levels were similar to those of the other more experienced translators in the Unit. I got familiar with the work environment of the EU institutions, and their computer-assisted translation software and terminology search tools.

After those fruitful 6 months, I remained in Brussels and resumed my freelance translation career with renewed strength and skills. While at the beginning I was combining it with a multilingual agent job in an international insurance company, for more than four years now I’m fully devoted to my freelance career with an important focus on EU texts but also all types of legal documents and other subsidiary areas.

I’m a member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Proofreaders & Interpreters (ASETRAD).